Anna Bosatta

Alexander Technique

Do you want to learn how to move and live with more ease and presence? 

Do you suffer from chronic pain or discomfort, such as in your back or neck?

Are your habits of movement or performance stress interfering 

with your best learning and your best performance  in work or in your hobby ? 

Are difficult emotions such as anxiety affecting your body and getting in the way of daily life?

I can help!!

Alexander Technique offers a natural and simple way to return to how the human body was designed to be. This 120 year old approach offers longterm and sustainable results which grow out of learning new patterns of movement and unlearning old habits. 

It is not a therapy, but a process of learning for yourself under the guidance of a highly trained teacher.

Starting right at the beginning of our lives we develop behavioural habit patterns, both physical and mental, that lie somewhere on a spectrum between over-tense and under-energised. Not  all of these contribute to the best way of being in our selves, even if they started out as good choices; rather we can find ourselves stuck in unhelpful postural or movement habits. These can contribute to chronic pain, and add to anxiety and other difficult emotions. 

For musicians and other performance artists, the Alexander Technique enables you to avoid developing unhelpful patterns of learning that will interfere with achieving the best ways of ease-full performing. This relates to both physical challenges of instrumental learning and the capacity to remain centred and present during playing. As an oboist, singer and conductor I have personal experience of applying AT to performance.

I have a particular interest in working with people living with Parkinson's. With a background in Speech and Language Therapy in adult neurological rehabilitation, and with new training from the Parkinson's specialists at the Poise Project under my belt (, I am now offering bespoke work applied to this complex condition. I am planning to participate in new research projects associated with Alexander Technique and therapeutic learning in Parkinson's, and am in discussion with Parkinson's UK to find funding for new group sessions here in Hertfordshire. With my experience in teaching, group facilitation and spiritual accompaniment I am able to offer a whole-person approach to supporting and helping people of all ages living with this complex and life-altering condition.

Using gentle hands-on guidance, I will help you learn or relearn a way of being that has increased and increasing ease, awareness, fluidity of movement, and joy. 

I spent many years doing many other things (including raising my family, conducting choirs and singing, and offering spiritual accompaniment) before I started learning Alexander Technique and then training to teach.

After many slipped discs I had developed chronic back pain, and desperately needed a solution to the pain, weakness and stiffness that dominated my day to day life. 

AT has changed not only my body but also how I am in myself: more balance, more comfort, more awareness.

I offer lessons from my home studio annexe in  Kimpton, Hertfordshire, 

and also  in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

For further details and for a trial lesson contact me on:

07796 342620

I am a STAT certified teacher. 

I  trained with Tom Vasiliades in NYC

 and with Anthony Kingsley in London.